The Pleat Dress and Top from The Maker’s Atelier

The pleat top

I do love a loose dress that I can use layers with in the winter and my latest make fits that bill perfectly. The Pleat Detail Dress and Top from The Maker’s Atelier. I have several patterns from this company and love them all.

The Pleat Dress and Top detail

I decided to make the top as a wearable toile – you never know with this style of dress. Sometimes they just swamp you and you need to make a much smaller size than your measurements suggest but this was not the case here. I made a medium Top because if that fitted then the dress would. The only difference between the two is that the dress is longer.

I love the profile of the top and the length. It works well with a straight skirt and jeans and is big enough to wear a polo neck jumper underneath when it gets cooler. The fabric is cotton from John Kaldor (I can’t find it on the site but there are some other lovely fabrics) and was a dream to sew. I bought it from my local fabric shop that doesn’t sell online unfortunately.

There are some changes that I would make when I make the dress. For me, the zip is not necessary as I can get the top over my head so I might make the dress without one. Or, I have always wanted to use one of these lace edged zips and this dress might be the perfect opportunity. They are stitched on the outside and would add more detail to the dress. The flower zip slider is used on continuous zips that you cut off a roll and again, I think it might add a different detail to the dress. Choices, choices!

I am going to lower the neckline by 5cms at the centre front as it feels a little high as it is at present. On the top, I cut the pattern pieces 12cm longer just in case the top stopped at an unflattering place for me. It didn’t and so I made a really deep hem which I like and will probably repeat on the dress.

I would also like pockets in the side seams and so will borrow some pockets from another pattern and include them.

The Maker’s Atelier have added some different details to the dress. I love the ribbon detail around the neck and sleeves here. The post also has a diagram showing how to lower the neckline. In this blog post the sleeves are lengthened and the back pleat removed. I like the fabric used for both of these dresses.

Have you made the pleat dress or top? Did you add any details of your own?

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