Knitting a Codlin Heid

I learnt to knit as a child but have always chosen to sew, feeling that the clothes I make when sewing look better and not quite so handmade as my knitting does. However, over the last year and continuing into this year, I have been trying my hand at different things; learning to play the piano, paper cutting and knitting. I have followed KD Designs for sometime and decided to have a go at knitting a hat and chose this one, Codlin Heid.

Codlin Heid as modelled by Kate

I haven’t done any of what I think is called Fair Isle knitting before where you carry the wool behind as you change colours. The effect in this hat is of adding an extra layer of warmth inside as well as ensuring the pattern worked.

The challenges in this knit for me were:

  • Keeping the right number of stitches. I am still at the stage of knitting where I can create or drop a stitch and not notice for quite a while.
  • Counting properly along the row so that the pattern matches up. This is also linked to the point above.
  • Knitting with very small circular needles. This is a new skill and a different way of knitting and I alternated between 3 needles and a small circular needle as I got down to fewer than 30 stitches.
  • m1 and cdd were new to me but as usual google helped out there.

I showed the hat to my sister who announced that she would like one too but with a blue and white bobble on the top! I have used up the wool I had left and am eagerly awaiting my next batch so that I can start.

Mine has a slightly different shape to Kate’s and I think it is because I need to block it so that I can stop the slight frill at the edge before the ribbing.

After knitting my sister’s hat I am off to try the Green Shoots mittens.

These seem to have a different construction for the cuff where you use a temporary cast on which you remove and add some more knitting. I’ve not done that before!

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