Making Christmas Cards

Every now and then I get the urge to make my own Christmas cards but only when I have seen something I would like to create.

This year is one of those years because I saw @nightquilter’s tiny ornaments. The trouble is, I look at things and think ‘Oh, I could make that!’ and set off to do my own thing. And I did. I made 20 which I sent out with a label attached as a Christmas card. But then I signed up for the free instructions to make them and they were made in a very different way to the one I had chosen.

I made a paper pattern, cut it out and added 2/8ths of an inch seam allowance to each side and then stitched it together having worked out the order to stitch it in and it worked. I have heard of foundation paper piecing (FPP) but hadn’t really realised the difference between it and English paper piecing. When using the FPP method, you actually stitch on the paper, following the seam lines making it a very accurate way to sew small things.

For a really clear explanation of FPP have a read of this blog post.

My top two tips for FPP:

  • Change your stitch length to about 1.5ish. 2.2 is too big for these tiny patchworks.
  • If you have a right/left, front/back issue like me, take your time and check before sewing. The small stitch length and the paper mean that you can not seam rip and resew too many times!

Have you made cards this year?

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