Cardigans I have made

I love a cardigan and so does my husband although we do wear different ones! They were invented by James Thomas Brudenell, the eponymous 7th Earl of Cardigan.

I’ve worn them short and long and I’ve bought, sewn and knitted them but knitting is a new pursuit and I don’t always make the right choices.

The original cardigan was a sleeveless vest or what I would call a waistcoat and they were worn by people who wanted to keep warm but still move freely – the reason why my husband wears them. He also says that they are easier to regulate the temperature in than a jumper because you can do up and undo the buttons.

They have been in fashion throughout the decades – fitted, loose, cropped and even belted, buttoned and zippered.

I have knitted one that I absolutely love; a Felix cardigan by Amy Christoffers in Icelandic wool which is thick and warm and quick to knit. It is just the right length and I love it.

Now I am knitting a DAA – Don’t Ask Again – by Isabell Kramer which is slightly longer and with a different construction. I love it but I am not sure about the wool I have chosen. I had 3 balls of bilum lolli #220 with colours that I leap out at me but I am just not sure knitting a cardigan in it is the best use of the wool – and it’s expensive.

As I am knitting, I am wondering about how I do the sleeves to make them both the same. Start from the same point in two balls of wool is the only answer I can come up with at the moment but I am sure a little googling will provide some others.

The good thing about knitting is you can unravel it and use the wool for something else. I just can’t picture how this is going to turn out.

Do you knit things you don’t like?

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