Cardigans I have made

I love a cardigan and so does my husband although we do wear different ones! They were invented by James Thomas Brudenell, the eponymous 7th Earl of Cardigan. I’ve worn them short and long and I’ve bought, sewn and knitted them but knitting is a new pursuit and I don’t always make the right choices.Continue reading “Cardigans I have made”

Making Christmas Cards

Every now and then I get the urge to make my own Christmas cards but only when I have seen something I would like to create. This year is one of those years because I saw @nightquilter’s tiny ornaments. The trouble is, I look at things and think ‘Oh, I could make that!’ and setContinue reading “Making Christmas Cards”

The Pleat Dress and Top from The Maker’s Atelier

I do love a loose dress that I can use layers with in the winter and my latest make fits that bill perfectly. The Pleat Detail Dress and Top from The Maker’s Atelier. I have several patterns from this company and love them all. I decided to make the top as a wearable toile –Continue reading “The Pleat Dress and Top from The Maker’s Atelier”